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3 (1) | Trail length: 100 km | Total elevation: 2.6 m | Country: Netherlands



City: Rhenen (Kwintelooijen) Length of route: Length of route: The route is 2.7 kilometers long. Environment: Kwintelooijen can be found on the Oude Veensegrindweg between Veenendaal and Rhenen. The more than ample parking area is crowded. Day camping and recreation is permitted in this former sand dredging. Nature of the route: The route is characterized by winding long and steep climbs and challenging descents. In total, anything more than 100 heightmeters must be overcome in a round. This makes Kwintelooijen one of the toughest, if not the heaviest MTB route in the Netherlands. Count on a lot of steering and spin on a narrow single track. Steep cliffs, steep descents, challenging bends. Your speed is lower than on the routes at Amerongen and Leersum and requires a lot of your bike control. Therefore, the route is technically challenging. Both uphill and downhill, you need to be very close to your technique. Consider the risks and if you are inexperienced in steep terrain, drive slowly. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles with a blue MTB international symbols. The direction of travel is counterclockwise.