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Trail length: 19 km | Total elevation: 292 m | Country: Netherlands



City: Parkstad-Brunssum (Rodebeek) Length of route: The route is 19 kilometers long. The total length of the 4 Park City routes is 76 kilometers. Nature of the route: The routes are designed to drive as much as possible on their own path. It is not possible at all times to set up a special road for mountain bikers. In different places, therefore, you should take into account other recreationalists. Note the warning signs along the routes. The mountain bike trails include many singletrails, technical climbs and (steep) downhill runs. Points that need extra attention are indicated with warning signs under the route indication. Marking: The route is marked with signs with black international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Environment: The routes are located in the eastern part of south Limburg and are officially called MTBroutes Parkstad. Mountainbike club Discovery, in cooperation with the Municipalities of Parkstad Limburg, manages the Nature Conservation Association and site owners, the permanent mountain bike trails around the Brunssummerheide, through Strijthagen, along the Red Beek and by Heerlen.