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3.5 (2) | Trail length: 18 km | Total elevation: 74 m | Country: Netherlands



Location: Horst Length of route: The route is 18.5 kilometers long. The route goes to the left. Nature of the route: This route has been completed by several hundred meters after completely swinging singletracks. In the middle there are some straight (wider) pieces to breathe on. The entire route can be driven without asphalt meters. The route has been established by the fact that Staatsbosbeheer and a 50 mountain bikers have collapsed. Marking: The route is marked with squares of wooden poles with red on the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Environment: The Harmful Forests with an area of approximately 525 hectares are located in the municipality of Horst on the Meuse. State Forestry manages most of this area. The hilly nature of this area is explained by nature. When the Harmful Forests used to be still out of vast moors, the peasants plunged out of the heath with which they fertilized for their land. The fields rose and the typical orbits with their convex location emerged.