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Hammer Bakker - Complete

4.6 (81) | Trail length: 14.4 km | Total elevation: 487 m | Country: Denmark

Hammer Bakker - Complete

The complete and "just right" ride in Hammer Bakker,

Short + Long = Complete. The complete and "just right" ride in Hammer Bakker, repeatedly named one of Denmark's absolute best mountain bike experiences. With "Complete" you get it all from all shelves, tons, technique, beautiful scenery, hard climbs and cool descents. Welcome to 500 entertaining heights maintained by a dedicated team. There are some clearly marked black passages, you can freely choose to / from as it suits one. Expect a driving time of 50-70 minutes if you are in really good shape. The complete is a great mix of flow and hard work and if you need less than an hour then there must be plenty of watt and lots of technique in the body. Giving gas a hard track, but the reward is quite constant when you hit the right flow. Enjoy it and send a friendly thought to Trailbuilders Aalborg who is responsible for development and maintenance. Hammer Bakker MTB track was established in 2010 and has since been continuously expanded by The route is made so that everyone can drive it and everyone can be challenged. The track is clearly marked with an MTB sign and a white arrow. When technically harder pieces come, this is clearly marked with signage. Always drive within your own abilities and see the most difficult passages before throwing the bike beyond the obstacle. If you are not ready for the black passages, you just take the red route, which is only a few seconds slower. Signature passengers can mention is made of "Hammer Airways", the rise "Legs of Lava", "The Gale Dame", the "Yipeekayay" descent and the "Chain Leap". It is not boring to get the whole trip around. See MTBTV's review of the Hammer Bakker track here: