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Trail length: 25 km | Total elevation: 227 m | Country: Netherlands



Location: Drunen Length of route: The route is 25 kilometers long. The route can be combined with the green route in Giersbergen (Loon and Drunen Dunes) of 16 kilometers. Nature of the route: The 25 kilometer long black route consists almost exclusively of single tracks. A lot of short and steep cliffs and descents. A very technical trail that can give some difficulty to the beginner rider. Very often dive tree and often through short sandbanks. You can leave the big front cover at home. For the ride, the switch material may receive some extra attention, as it will get well on the way. In 2016 an extra loop has been realized. This green loop is located in the east of De Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park. It is a single track of over 16 kilometers long, which winds through the Margriet and along the Hengstven. The route has little altitude differences, making it easier to drive than the black route in the Dunes. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles with black international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Surroundings: The Loon and Drunen Dunes is a nature reserve between Drunen and Wage on Sand. This nature reserve is close to the Efteling amusement park in Kaatsheuvel. Nature is characterized by forests and contiguous sand dunes. This route has been expanded by the owner of the area, Nature Conservation Association, in cooperation with tour clubs from surrounding municipalities.