For everyone with studded tires and mud in the blood. From beginners to the elite, from trailbuilders to clubs and from land owners to sponsors

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The Public Trails

See what trails are in your area, keep an eye on new trails and easily find your way to trails you have never visited before

See the public trails

Trail overview

See what trails are in your area, keep an eye on new trails and easily find your way to trails you have never visited before


Read what fellow MTB riders say about a trail before you visit, and write your own directly in the app or on the website when you are safely back on your couch.

Who is on the trail?

Real time map based overview showing all Singletrackers on the trail. How many are there, where are they and who are they.

Am I on the trail?

Singletracker™ shows you the right way on a live map, no more getting lost on new trails.


Buy Pay-to-ride admissions through Singletracker. No need to print stuff in advance, your receipt is instant right there when you need it.

Trail control

Trail owners have backend access to push messages about planned work or closed trails. The live map view allows for owners to know when the last rider of the day is done etc.

Why Singletracker™?

MTB is in a state of constant development and expansion, every week fresh faces on new bikes take on the beautiful landscape around us, headed for trails that volunteers use massive amounts of time and energy on creating and maintaning. This is an amazing development, but it also builds pressure on the limited MTB friendly areas, and on the limited ressources of volunteers. The core message in Singletracker™ is to "respect the trail!" and through that to support clubs and builders to establish a sustainable future for mountainbiking. MTB must be a voice for nature, not just a new way to use it.

Who uses Singletracker?

MTB Riders

Find new motivation, increased fun when training, safety, lots of stats, live trail overview, competitions and influence the trailbuilders with your feedback. You get well maintained official trails, and you are always up to date on new trails.

MTB Clubs and Trail Builders

Club championships, club leaderboards, easy to handle membership fees, overview of club riders on a trail and a much improved profile towards sponsors and attacrting new riders. Trail builders a direct channel of communication to the riders to push info on trail changes and current conditions. Also a one-click donation option to optimize funds for maintenance and new additions.

Land owners

You get a detailed image of how your area is used, when and by how many. You get a more organized approach, to the benefit of all parties. Direct push communication allows you to notify riders in the area about various types of activities. Much increased profiling to make your trail a good investment and benefit the local community.


Singletracker™ promote a change in how MTB riders view the sport, that will benefit both wildlife and other guests in the area. We aim to support the trail builders in building the best possible trails, and make them so good that most riders will stick to them. We aim to support clubs in educating new riders to respect nature and stick to the trails. The forest floor, animals and hikers will come in less contact with MTB riders when the official trails are promoted through the app and conflicts will be a less constant.