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Sporlængde: 8 km | Samlet stigning: 53 m | Land: Holland



City: Venray Length of route: The route has a total length of 33 kilometers. There are three loops to drive from 5 (green), 8 (blue) and 20 (red) kilometers. The route can be combined with the route in Overloon. The junction is a 2 kilometer long forest road. This is marked by two sides. Nature of the route: The 5 kilometer long route (green) contains 30-40% singletrack. The 8 kilometer long (blue) route also consists of 40% singletrack. The longest route (red) is provided with a few kilometers of singletrack. To be able to ride this route requires a little more technique, especially on the singletrack pieces. Marking: The routes are marked with wooden posts with the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). The 5 kilometer route is marked green, which is 8 kilometers blue and the 20 kilometer long route is marked red. The connecting route to the route in Overloon is marked with yellow signs and black signs. Surroundings: The Balloon Column Forests is a forest area between Merselo and Overloon. It is 266 ha tall and is owned by the municipality of Venray. The area consists of mixed coniferous and deciduous forests. This woodland is named after the balloon pit placed in 1896. This monument is the oldest aviation monument in the Netherlands. It was founded on the occasion of the landing of a French hot air balloon, which was raised in 1871 from Paris, surrounded by German troops. In the forest there is also a fish pond.