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Sporlængde: 34 km | Samlet stigning: 179 m | Land: Holland



Place: Susteren Length of route: The route is 34 kilometers long. Nature of the route: The route is a beautiful mix of dense singletracks alternated with fast, flat pieces. The route can be combined with the MTB Route of Real, which allows a route with a total length of 75 kilometers to be driven. There is also a connecting route with the Windraakroute in Windraak. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles with blue blue international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Environment: The route is located in the outskirts of Echt-Susteren. The outlying area of Echt / Susteren offers a wide variety of landscape and suburbs, making it ideal for both the recreational and the more prestigious mountain bikers.