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Sporlængde: 32.8 km | Samlet stigning: 296 m | Land: Holland



Location: Sleen Length of route: The route is 32 kilometers long. A short-distance route of 18 kilometers is also possible through a shortening route. Marking: The route is marked with plastic posts with red on the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Environment: Drenthe is the province of the hunebeds. The alternate trail of the mountain bike trail from Noord-Sleen is landscaped on the Sleenerzand, a ten kilometer long plot with an area of 1600 hectares. It is surrounded by agricultural areas that are slightly lower. Nature of the route: Soon after the start, your mountain bike skills are tested by a winding singletrack over short hills. The altitude differences have arisen due to inflated dust from the period that the area was still hot. Due to a lot of work by the local mountain bike association, the Bush bikers are well-utilized in the area. Many new singletracks have been created.