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Sporlængde: 10 km | Samlet stigning: 126 m | Land: Holland



City: Oosterhout Length of route: The route is 10 km long. Nature of the route: Most of the route involves a single track with a few wider trails and a small section about asphalt. The route is a nod to the famous round of Dorst and Teteringen. Lots of turns and turns and with short and short slopes and short descents, but sometimes even straight and less challenging. In short, a nice alternating round. The route is also connected to the Teteringen route which is then linked to Dorst again. During the route the black arrow can be followed and you drive in about 1.5 km, over asphalt, to the other rounds. Marking: The route is marked with red international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds below). Surroundings: Route crosses the nature reserve of the Vrachelse heide south of Oosterhout. This is a heath and dust sand area where sometimes the cadets of the Royal Military Academy hold exercises.