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Sporlængde: 21 km | Samlet stigning: 153 m | Land: Holland



City: Kraggenburg Length of route: The route is 21 kilometers long. Nature of the route: The route through the Voorsterbos is a nice alternate route. All the elements that make a route attractive come in this route. The route includes many technical pieces that make the route, despite its 21 kilometers, a spicy route. In two places, small altitude differences are included in the route. The route is unchanged for 95%. Marking: The route is marked with wooden posts with yellow yellow international MTB sign (triangle with two rounds). Environment: The route is located in the Voorsterbos in the greenest corner of the Noordoostpolder. It is a varied nature reserve between the villages Vollenhove, Ens, Marknesse and Kraggenburg.