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3 (1) | Sporlængde: 9.3 km | Samlet stigning: 94 m | Land: Holland



City: Halsteren Length of route: The route is 9.3 kilometers long. Nature of the route: The starting point of this 9.3 kilometer long route is located on the Langstraat. The route goes first along the Groote Melanen. The Great Melanes is a former friend, which is used intensively for carp fishing. The route is largely separate from existing hiking trails. At Fort de Roovere, hikers and mountain bikers cross each other in part. From this former defensive work, the route crosses the Schansbaan and the viaduct over the A4. Then along the riding stables on the extended sand street towards Moerstraatsebaan. From here there is a connection loop to the Bergsheide Route (Bergen op Zoom). A route for the more experienced mountain bike. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles, with the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds) in the dark blue. Environment: The route is located on the territory of the Brabants Landscape near Halsteren.