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Sporlængde: 29.5 km | Samlet stigning: 52 m | Land: Holland



Place: Geiten-Gasselte Length of route: The route is 29.5 kilometers long. Nature of the route: The reasonably challenging route is largely carried out by the forestry forests. Various types of paths are used. Wider sandpaths, beautiful winding singletracks and short cliffs alternate. Use of paved roads is limited to an absolute minimum. Despite being relatively flat in Drenthe, the road builders have made good use of existing hills and slopes. Marking: The route is marked with plastic posts with red the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Connection routes and two ways to half the route are marked with the black MTB sign. Environment: The MTB route between Gieten and Borger is located on the Drentse Hondsrug. The Hondsrug is an ancient natural increase, which originated around the Ice Age. Originally, the area is a heathland, but nowadays almost the entire area is forested. Many will know the forests and sand excavations of the Hondsrug Classic and the international cyclocross competitions.