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Sporlængde: 37.5 km | Samlet stigning: 48 m | Land: Holland



Location: Exloo Length of route: The route is 37.5 kilometers long. Marking: The route is marked with plastic posts with the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). The connecting route, with the route in Emmen, is indicated by black signs. Start location: You can start the route at: - Carpool Ees, Schoolstraat, 9536 in Ees (on the N34) - Zandgat Kremer, Buinerstraat 8, 9531CG in Exloo - Land of Bartje Ees, Buinerweg 8, 9536 PG in Ees - Hunebed Exloo, Bodenpad in Exloo Environment: Exloo's route is located on the Drentse Hondsrug in Exloo Forestry. The forestry consists of production forest and storm forest. This forest is called so because of the weathered trees the roots are still partially stuck in the ground and from this the branches grow into new trees. Along both routes are many grave hills. These hills are protected archaeological monuments. Treat these hills with respect. Nature of the route: The route starts at the hunebed. Soon you drive along an ice rink. After a loop you drive back and you can choose between a sand road or the bike path for a short while. Then you ride along a narrow path to an open landscape on the west side of the route. Just past the campsite, an old motorcross circuit is part of the route. At this 1.2 kilometer long section you can practice the steering technique as well. Of course, you can add a number of rounds on this technical section. It is also possible at this point to return to the starting point via the shortening route. Continue on your route, then you will arrive on agricultural trails behind the village of Ees, east of the route. The altitude difference shows that you are here on the Hondsrug. Through a sand slope on Hooge Veld you drive back to Exloo.