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Deurne (Zandbos)

Sporlængde: 10 km | Samlet stigning: 333 m | Land: Holland

Deurne (Zandbos)


Place: Deurne (Zandbos) Length of route: The route is 10 kilometers long. The route can be combined with those of Vlierden and Liessel. Nature of the route: The route runs through the Zandbos, a small wooded area with winding paths, whose possibilities are optimally utilized. The route consists of three-quarters of singletrack with lots of bowls, roots and tree trunks making it quite technical. Regularly, the track diverges from the wide path to suddenly switch to a singlet track that has been specially designed for it. Alternatively, the large Buntven is halfway through the route, which is almost completely driven around. Here, in rainy weather, it may also be quite swampy. Marking: The route is marked with black plastic posts with green the international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). The connecting routes, with the route in Vlierden and Liessel, are indicated by round signs with black MTB arrow. Pay attention ! The route crosses the 2 walking trails several times. Environment: The route in Deurne is located in the Zandbos, which is also known as the Loopbos. Deurne is on the Helmond / Venraij road (N270).