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Bike Park Kranjska Gora

Sporlængde: 1.4 km | Samlet stigning: 0 m | Land: Slovenien

Bike Park Kranjska Gora

Bikepark with multiple lines for all

There are countless possible combinations of trails from start to finish in Bike Park Kranjska Gora. There are 5 basic trails and each of them has specific characteristics that inspire mountain bikers with various riding styles: Family Business (family trail) The easiest trail in Bike Park will delight beginners and families. Here, mountain bikers learn basic techniques and can enjoy a relaxed ride through the open sections and sections conducted through the forest. There are only simple structures on this trail with a purpose of learning and understanding mountain biking skills. Morning Wood (northshore trail ) This trail is characterized by the classic northshore riding style on mostly wooden constructions. There are many wooden bridges, jumps and drops that set up in a manner to offer maximum pleasure (wallride). With northshore trail we wish to maintain a classic, free ride flair, which has been our trademark from the very beginnings. Wooden constructions are covered with mesh to assure grip on constructions in both, dry and wet weather conditions. Funky Jazz (enduro trail) Enduro riding style indicates the very beginnings of mountain biking and has in recent years become increasingly popular because it provides a fun ride to every skilful mountain biker. This trail is set as the »mini DH trail«, which means it is slightly more closed and slower than usual downhill trails. With this trail we aim to follow the trends and ensure a pleasurable day on enduro bike for every mountain biker. Luft Waffe(l) (air-line) This trail is constructed to guarantee as much time in the air as possible. The main characteristics of this trail are jumps and a relatively high speed, which is required to maintain connection between them. Jumps are connected with bands and designed in a »table top« manner for a safe learning of jumping technique. The ground on the entire trail is as smooth as possible with a good grip for an excellent experience of a smooth and fun ride. DH Veetranz – (DH trail) A classic downhill trail that has hosted many competitions in the past; its difficulty and complexity are worthy of competitions on the highest level. It is suitable for experienced and professional mountain bikers. This trail is marked by the most demanding technical and steep sections in the forest and is intertwined with roots. Parts of the forest trail are connected to the open areas with bands and jumps allowing high speed ride. This trail will put to test the limits of one's abilities and enable riders to better prepare themselves for races in domestic or international competitions