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Sporlængde: 9 km | Samlet stigning: 330 m | Land: Holland



Place: Alphen Length of route: The route is 9 kilometers long Nature of the route: The route is very varied. The route includes various climbers and singletracks. The route runs through the forest completely. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles with black international mark (triangle with 2 rounds) in black. Environment: The route runs through the Chaam forests. The Chaamse forests lie between the Gilze-Chaam road and the village of Alphen. Once upon a time the area consisted of sand sprays and wet heath with different friends. Many of these heathland areas were mined and forested between 1900 and 1934. The area was dewatered. Too wet places were transformed into grassland. To this end, the forest has given its surprising change