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Sporlængde: 7.6 km | Samlet stigning: 204 m | Land: Holland



Place: Almere-Kromslootpark Length of route: The route is 8 kilometers long. Nature of the route: The route begins parallel to the Havendreef. Then there is a piece of singletrack with narrow bends and some obstacles. Now you come across a piece of over 1 kilometer of grass lane, where there are summer sheep grazing, towards Gooimeerdijk. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles with green international MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds). Surroundings: The route is in the Kromslootpark and the Beginbos. The Kromslootpark is located in Flevopolder between Almere-Haven and the A6. It is a piece of nature area full of creeks, marshes, fields and forests. There are also cows, sheep and horses. Along the route grows a lot of Giant Berry claw. Keep this in mind.