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Délka trailu: 2.3 km | Celkové převýšení: 40 m | Stát: Nizozemí



City: Winterswijkse-Berg Length of route: The route is 2.3 kilometers long. Nature of the route: This former dirt dump offers beautiful views of the Winterswijk countryside and provides a beautiful mountain biking location. The 2.3 km long "Winterswijkse Berg" consists entirely of landscaped singletrack and has a height difference of 90 meters per second. In several places, the course is cut off. Up the hillside, next to the main road, is a so-called rockyard of about 15,000 kilos of rocks. Marking: The route is marked with wooden poles with black international mark (triangle with 2 rounds) in black. Start location: You can start the route at: - Obelink Leisure Center, Misterweg 179, 7102 EN in Winterswijk Surroundings: Winterswijk lies at the very tip of the Achterhoek on the border with Germany and is characterized by a rich variety in the landscape. The area is not for nothing described by the government as worthy of Cultural Landscape.