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Tornby MTB - Blue

4.1 (38) | Délka trailu: 10.1 km | Ascent: 98 m | Descent: 97 m | Stát: Dánsko

Tornby MTB  - Blue

The short route through the plantation

Tornby Klitplantage adds area to a varied, technically challenging and hard track through several forest types and typical coastal vegetation. The blue short course can be completed by most with basic MTB skills, but still requires its efforts with almost 175 altitude meters and lots of exciting challenges along the way. Where the route divides, follow the white arrows and thereby pass the more difficult red passages. This blue route offers everything from good climbs, loose sand, fun descents and very narrow sections where there is a focus on flow and control. You drive from the forest parking lot on Købstedvej, and the track ends at the same place