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Parkstad-Landgraaf (ParcoursNK2017)

Délka trailu: 3 km | Celkové převýšení: 123 m | Stát: Nizozemí

 Parkstad-Landgraaf (ParcoursNK2017)


City: Parkstad-Landgraaf (ParcoursNK2017) Length of route: The route is 3 kilometers long. Nature of the route: This route is a shorter and technically challenging variant of the trail over the Wilhelminaberg of Parkstad route 2 (Strijthagen). The trailed route is approximately 75% equivalent to the actual NK 2017 race. The part of the NK Parcours from and to Park Strijthagen has not been exhausted, as ports are usually closed at the NK. This route is very technical and contains very steep climbs and descent, as well as all highlights of the trail over the Wilhelminaberg of Parkstad route 2 (Strijthagen). Caution: Halfway through the half pipe, cross through to the adjacent root drop. Give traffic from above (right) priority! Marking: The route is marked with signs with white signs, with red on the intrinsic MTB sign (triangle with 2 rounds) and in the round text 'NK 2017'. Environment: The Wilhelminaberg originated by the dumping of excavated waste stone from the then state mine Wilhelmina.